Each year brings new triumphs, challenges, and changes. This past year here at the Voice of Scouting, we were impressed and inspired by Scouts who achieved so much and helped others in unique and life-changing ways. There were also events and big changes that truly caused a stir among the masses of the Scouting world. We’ve compiled a list of our most read, most controversial and most beloved articles— with a bonus of most funny— into five different categories so that you can catch up on what you missed or, to help you remember the highlights of the year.

The National Jamboree

We absolutely love the National Jamboree! This year we were able to meet so many incredible people and see some very impressive projects and activities. Here, we’ve included one of our favorite stories about a man who saved the day at this year’s Jamboree.

Also, at the National Jamboree it has been a long-standing tradition— dating back to President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937— to have the president speak to all the Scouts. This year, there was a lot of controversy surrounding President Trump’s speech at the 2017 National Jamboree— however, we have always been grateful to have U.S. presidents applaud and support all that we do to instill leadership and values in our youth.

Here are some of the articles you really loved at the National Jamboree.

The Presidents of the United States and Scouting

U.S. Secretary of State Credits Scouting with Teaching Him Servant Leadership

Scouting Chaplain Saves the Day at Jamboree 2017

Scouts You Applauded For Going Above And Beyond 

This year we had some feature stories about Scouts who didn’t just complete the minimum requirements for advancement within the Boy Scout programs— they used their Scouting skills and values as a springboard to nobly aid others, achieve tasks that merited even more rare awards and to change the world.

How a Mom and Her Sons are Creating World Peace

Carter Baie Earns International Award, Proves It Doesn’t End With Eagle

Eagle Scout Earns Rare Fourth Palm

Announcements That Mattered

2017 proved to be another year of historic changes for the BSA and all involved. Even with these changes, the mission and core values of the BSA have not been altered and remain tried true. Here are the articles that thousands of our readers clicked on with excitement, mixed feelings…or something else. Either way, lives were changed.

Girls have always been involved in Scouting, and we loved the article about an all-girls Venturing crew. It will be interesting and exciting how the new changes will continue to impact girls’ involvement in the BSA. 


National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist on Transgender Policy Change

BSA Expands Programs to Welcome Girls from Cub Scouts to Highest Rank of Eagle Scout

An All-Girls Venturing Crew Hits the Sea and Shows the World Scouting is For Girls Too

Still Room for Religion in the BSA

In the last couple of years there have been a lot of new changes in the BSA, either with policy or programs— all of which have been intended to improve the Scouting experience while staying true to core values. One thing that will never change, is our resolve that faith and a Duty to God will always have it’s special place in Scouting. Here are some inspiring stories of how faith has brought people to Scouting, and how Scouting has brought many to faith. 

The Largest Church-Run Scout Program is Bringing Families Closer to God

What does “Duty to God” mean to you?

Diverse Worldwide Religions Teach Scouts to Have Faith in God

New resources that got you very excited with an, “It’s about time!”

The BSA may be a liiittle behind on the times when it comes to technology, but this year proved that we are making some great progress, with even more improvements still to come. Here are some of your favorite new online resources we announced this past year.

Scouting U Online Training Now Available

New BSA Website is Designed Especially for Troop Leaders

Lion Pilot Update – How It’s Going and What’s Coming Next


We all cracked up watching a dad under anesthesia cry over pack meetings— so, of course it has to be included in our favorites list! Here are our top three articles that don’t necessarily fit into any specific category above, but have been some of our favorites to read. 

“I Don’t Wanna Go To Pack Meeting!” – The Relatable Words Of A Scouting Dad That Broke The Internet

If Superheroes Were Merit Badge Counselors, What Would They Teach?!?

How Scouts Can Be Prepared For an Active Shooter Situation

Katelyn Kenedy
Katelyn is a Public Relations major at BYU, loves the Spanish language and culture and studied abroad in Jerusalem. She is passionate about traveling, studying other faiths and loves working for nonprofit organizations in order to make the world a bit brighter.

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