The Boy Scouts has a long history of showing support for their country. At the foundation of the Scouting program, President Woodrow Wilson described the purpose of the program. It was to teach boys patriotism, courage, and self-reliance. Scouts have always been patriots through and through as they focus on these key principles.

Today, Boy Scouts continue to uphold the values of patriotism. They do this by serving U.S. servicemen and women, participating in Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day parades and activities across the country, taking part in flag retirement ceremonies, placing flags at local cemeteries, and so much more. All of this helps to build a sense of pride in our country and its rich history, which is important in nurturing our generation’s future leaders.

What better way to celebrate our great nation’s birth than to take a look at the many inspiring ways Boy Scouts have shown patriotism throughout history?

Fun Facts

  1. The Boy Scouts of America program was first established February 8th, 1910. The Scout Oath was the basis for many of the values Scouts hold today. They strive to “help other people at all times; to keep [themselves] physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”
  2. Patriotism, citizenship, and community service are core elements of the Boy Scout experience.
  3. Scouting believes that patriotism plays a significant role in preparing our nation’s youth to become useful and participating citizens.
  4.  The BSA believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God. It encourages both youth and adult leaders to be faithful in their religious duties.
  5. More than 2 million boys in the United States have earned the rank of Eagle Scout.
  6. Five U.S. Presidents were Boy Scouts – John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, William Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.
  7. The 40th anniversary of the BSA celebrated the theme of “Strengthen the Arm of Liberty.” As part of the theme, the BSA distributed over 200 replicas of the Statue of Liberty. 
  8. During the First World War, Girl Guides and Boy Scouts all raised money for hospitals to treat those harmed in the war, as well as orphanages for those who lost their families because of the war.
  9. The only men to walk on the moon were Boy Scouts.
  10. One hundred and fifty members of the 115th Congress have participated in Scouting, 33 of them being Eagle Scouts.

    That is a whole lot to be proud of! We are grateful for the many Scouts who strive to uphold the virtues of patriotism and citizenship. Happy Fourth!

Madison Austin
studies Public Relations at Brigham Young University and is a marketing specialist at the Utah National Parks Council. She is an avid hiker and enjoys being outdoors. Growing up in the mountainous regions of Colorado and Virginia enabled her to follow these passions. After moving to Utah to attend college, she has spent her time fostering both a career in Communications and a love for Utah's National Parks.

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