Register for 2020 Summer Camp and Get 10 Nights of Camping FREE

Registration for 2020's summer camp is now open and we can't wait for the summer adventures to begin. Camping in the Boy Scouts of America has been a long-time tradition and a...

Church Youth Groups: Camp Registration Open

Just because Scouting is no longer the program for young men within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it doesn't mean that camping is out. In fact, according to the...

These Ghoulish Adventures Are a MUST for Scouts this Halloween

Halloween is hands down one of the funnest holidays of the year. You get candy, parties, Harry Potter marathons, tricks, and the best decor around. Take advantage of the spooky excitement and make your...

Deseret Peak—the Perfect Fall Hike

Deseret Peak Hike in Utah's Stansbury Mountains is a great weekend hike that can be used to practice for longer treks later in the year or as a Fall hike it is hard to beat

GORP Has Its Day!

Gorp can be a mix of granola, mixed nuts, hard candy, and chocolate candies. It was designed to do one thing: stave off hunger on the trail.

Check out an easier way to whip a rope that holds much better!

Preventing the ends of rope from fraying is a process referred to as “whipping.” Learning how to whip the ends of a rope is one of the early requirements on the Scouts BSA advancement trail. Larry Green will show you the easiest way ever to get it done

Jamboree’s BACK: Five Articles from National Jamboree to Reminisce On

Thousands upon thousands of Scouts from all over the world are currently gathered at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree. So, in honor of Jamboree...

A Guide to Cooking on that First Campout by Doug Fisher

This is a menu for the first time out. It takes things you can find in the grocery store but looks at them in a new way. In fact, every time you are shopping, take a look around at what is available dried, concentrated or in small cans (especially those with self-opening lids). You’d be surprised what kind of ideas you can come up with.

The Nation’s 10 Best Thru-Hikes: The Appalachian Trail

In a series about the nation’s best thru-hikes, it seems obvious to start with what is possibly the country’s most well-known hiking destination — the Appalachian Trail. One of...

The Nation’s 10 Best Thru-Hikes: Getting Started

For the next 10 weeks, we will be sharing our favorite thru-hikes from across the country. If you, your troop, or your family has contemplated the adventure of a long-distance thru-hike, consider...