On June 1st, 2016, Christian Craft passed his final board of review and became the 200th Eagle Scout for Newport Beach’s Troop 90, which meets at the Sea Base on PCH every Tuesday at 7pm.

Troop 90’s first Eagle Scout was Jason Soukeras, who earned the rank in November of 1991 in the troop’s third year of existence. Christian is the third son of John & Katherine Craft to earn the Eagle rank; his brother Justin was the troop’s 112th Eagle Scout and his brother Andrew the 120th. Interestingly, Troop 90’s 100th Eagle Scout, Trevor McGhie, who earned his Eagle in 2009, was also the third son in his family to earn the rank.  The troop’s Eagles also include two who are fourth generation Eagle Scouts.

More impressive than the quantity of Scouts who have obtained the rank of Eagle with Troop 90 is the quality of the Scouts who have earned the rank.  Both of Christian Craft’s brothers have gone on to attend the Naval Academy, as have six other Troop 90 Eagles.  Justin Craft is now a Marine infantry officer and Andrew is in the 2018 class of the Academy.

Scoutmaster Larry Stroman is most proud of producing great leaders.  His Eagle Scouts have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, large ship captains, lifeguards, firemen, teachers, aerospace engineers, FBI agents, military officers, and fighter pilots.  One Eagle is a pianist who recently performed at Carniege Hall, another an actor who studied at the Royal Welsh College, and several others are top athletes.

Stroman recently described the Troop’s philosophy:  “We make sure every Scout in the troop develops an understanding of leadership and that every Scout who advances in rank takes on leadership roles.  Most of our Eagle Scouts have been the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) or Assistant SPL prior to earning their Eagle, which is a lot of responsibility considering the troop averages more than 150 members. Our troop also focuses on making sure all Scouts develop an appreciation of our country and our nation’s natural resources, as well as learning numerous life skills.

Carolyn Zullo
Carolyn Zullo is the Marketing Director for the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America. Her more than 10 years with the movement began as a camp staff member and has taken her across the country and back working for various councils on her journey. She is an artist, designer, photographer, traveler, and lover of dogs, chocolate, and classic rock.

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