Fun, educational, and all about Scouting? Cub Scout Eric’s YouTube channel is a fantastically entertaining resource to help Cub Scouts advance and have fun while doing so.  

Cub Scout Eric’s main goal for his channel is to help others. With over 150 how-to videos, Cub Scout Eric covers the Cub Scout requirements for fun, adventure, experiment, instruction, and activities for rank advancement. Sharing his knowledge of Scouting, and helping others is the whole reason why Cub Scout Eric loves creating his YouTube channel. 

The Making of Cub Scout Eric

At first, Cub Scout Eric wasn’t even planning to create a Scouting YouTube channel. He actually wanted to start a video game channel after seeing one of his good friends create one for Minecraft.

Wanting to be supportive of Eric’s idea and desire to start a new hobby but, not too fond of his son investing so much time in video games, Bill suggested that Eric think of creating a channel that would help others in some way. Since they were working on Scouting activities at the time, they both decided they would create a channel that would help people complete their Scouting requirements. 

Excited to begin, Cub Scout Eric and his dad first looked for inspiration for their videos by searching through the requirements in the Bear book. Eric’s father was careful about making sure that Eric had fun making their first video so that he would feel encouraged to keep doing more.

“I wanted Cubscout Eric to have a good experience with his first video, knowing that the time spent on each video would be more than just working on requirements alone,” his father explained. Though the videos would be a fun hobby, both Eric and his father had the bigger vision of helping all Scouts.

They decided to start with Bear Claw knife safety and carving videos, which they published last year, and haven’t stopped making videos since! 

Cub Scout Eric has had a lot of fun producing the videos and has especially enjoyed all of the positive feedback he has received from his YouTube subscribers. 

Every now and then Eric’s father says he will ask Eric if he is still enjoying making the videos, to which his response is always, “I want to continue.” However, getting him excited about starting another video isn’t always easy, with so many other activities biding for his time.

“Bribery motivated him at times with a visit to our local ice cream store,” Eric’s father admitted. But, once they begin a new video, Eric’s enthusiasm always comes back, as long as he doesn’t have to do too many takes. 

Cub Scout Eric’s Videomaking Process

Each of Cub Scout Eric’s videos can take about two to four hours per five minutes of footage to create. First, Eric and his dad sit down together and figure out which requirements are most interesting to Eric. Then, they prepare all of the items they will need for props and write a basic script. After that, they are ready to start recording. Cub Scout Eric improvises whenever he feels he needs/wants to as he determines what needs to be said, which requires multiple takes to get it just right. 

“Occasionally and more frequently as of late, he nails everything on the first take,” his father proudly stated. 

Cub Scout Eric’s favorite video? 

When asked which of his videos is his favorite, Cub Scout Eric replied, “I like all of my videos,” and, “It is hard picking a favorite one.” But, after contemplating for a moment, Eric did narrow his favorites down to his top three: 

1. Roaring laughter Requirement 4. “Of course,” his dad laughed, “because of the word “fart” that was mentioned. It was a fun video to produce with the boys.”

2.  Old Bedford village. “He enjoyed exploring the history of this village and acting out the time period of 1776,” Cub Scout Eric’s dad said.

3.  Blue crab fishing.  “What boy does not enjoy fishing!”

Excited about helping others

Cub Scout Eric is excited that others find benefit in his videos. Just the other day, a new Bear leader commented that she uses his videos and shares them with her Den parents. “This made him feel like the effort to produce videos are worth it,” said Eric’s father.

When asked if Cub Scout Eric regrets producing a Scouting channel instead of a gaming channel he responded, “I get to explore with my Cub Scout channel and it is much more fun then a gamer channel. I am glad we have a Scouting channel!”  

Creating the Cub Scout Eric channel hasn’t only been fun and rewarding for Eric, but also for his father. Eric’s father said being able to see Eric’s confidence grow exponentially from the first video they created up until now has been one of the neatest things to experience. His father has also loved seeing Eric’s excitement to share his channel with everyone he meets, and even getting everyone excited about joining Scouting. “His knowledge and retention of Scouting principles have also greatly increased,” said his father.

When asked by a friend if he would continue making videos until the rank of Eagle, Cub Scout Eric responded: “Never stopping.”

As long as individuals keep subscribing and sharing his YouTube videos, the support of his followers, and knowing he is helping them, is all the encouragement Cub Scout Eric needs.

Currently, Cub Scout Eric has produced over 150 videos and has 50,000 views and 450 subscribers. Not bad for an 11-month-old YouTube channel. His current goal for the channel is to have one million subscribers.

Contact info for Cub Scout Eric 

Subscribe to Cub Scout Eric’s YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook! If you have any comments or questions for Cub Scout Eric you can send him an email at




Cub Scout Eric also has a GoFundMe account to help him get his channel out to Scouters everywhere. 




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    David Schilpp says:

    You need to do a better job picking screen shots for the article. The lead shot is from a blatant promo for what must have been a donated item. It’s about a MicrJig Grr-Riper which is used on a table saw. Not even Scouts are allowed to use a table saw. The family had better stuff on the Utube channel. However a bit of it was obviously pushing donated material/trips.

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