Two years ago, Abraham joined the Soccer and Scouting program at his school.  Abraham enjoys the program because he gets to play soccer while spending time with his classmates.  Abraham’s Mom, Delia says, “Before my son joined the Soccer and Scouting program he had a hard time getting ready to go to school, but now he is much more motivated to get to school because he has grown to share a stronger bond between him and his friends.”

Abraham with Mom Delia at the annual Soccer & Scouting tournament
Abraham with Mom Delia at the annual Soccer & Scouting tournament

Coach Miguel who is one of the assistant coaches who helps facilitate Abraham’s practice is “Very fair and has successfully engaged the parents in the program,” according to Delia.  Delia is proud that her son is participating in such a positive program that works to build her son’s confidence and help him stay away from negative influences.  Overall Delia says, “The Soccer and Scouting program has helped him realize that he can accomplish anything he wants to.”

What is Soccer and Scouting?

Fun, family, fútbol! Soccer and Scouting combines the character-building values of Scouting with the competition and excitement of soccer in an eight week program each spring and fall that culminates into a final soccer tournament!  At every opportunity, time is devoted to an activity meant to develop a skill, teach a lesson, or provide an educational opportunity.  Utilizing Scouting’s philosophy as a resource, Soccer and Scouting is an excellent multicultural outreach program for youth to gain experiences and knowledge that are vital in today’s world.

For more information about Soccer and Scouting, check out the BSA Soccer and Scouting resource page.

SOURCELongs Peak Council, BSA
Kelly Moll
Kelly serves as Development Director for the Longs Peak Council and has been a professional Scouter for 19 years. She is married with three children and often can be found on the sideline cheering and taking photos on a football or soccer field. Kelly’s community spirit resides in Northern Colorado by giving her time and talents to other organizations. She is an avid water skier and enjoys spending time on their family boat.

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