Dirty Hands No More! Check Out This Scout-Tested Camping Sink


I remember as a young Scout, the misery of trying to stay clean at camp. Most of the cool places we went to didn’t have running water and with that, the difficulty of brushing your teeth or washing your hands became too real. Michael Robertson, a long time Scouter began the company Deluxe Camping a few years ago when he became tired of dealing with the same problem we all have. Read about how he solved this ancient camping conundrum here

The Deluxe Camp Sink

This sink is simple, yet highly effective. We set it up in under ten minutes and we had it working right away. The model in the video is the basic Deluxe Sink, but Michael also created a model with a filtration system that will clean water from natural sources. The unit itself is easily operated by the foot pump and has modern conveniences like a paper towel holder and a soap dispenser.


We had a local Boy Scout come over and test the sink with us. He felt that it was “easy to use” and “made it easier to brush my teeth.” Darryl Alder, Director of Strategic Initiatives of Utah National Parks Council also had to get in the action and loved the sink.

For more information about this product and other products offered by Deluxe Camping, follow the link.

Colin Wylie
Colin Wylie is a Marketing Associate with the Utah National Parks Council. He attends Brigham Young University as a Public Relations student, minoring in Nonprofit Management.

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