Patrick Villasenor of Troop 818 in Orange County, California has loved Scouting ever since he joined as a Tiger Cub. Besides attending summer camps, another one of his favorite parts about Scouting is “being able to help a lot of people you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to help.” Patrick’s Eagle Scout Project is a true testament of this.

After learning how many people in Uganda suffer with illness and death, simply because they don’t have clean water, Patrick decided he needed to get involved. Since fundraising for an organization is not allowed to be part of one’s Eagle Project, Patrick instead focused on educating the community of Orange County about the water problems in Uganda.

He led Scouts in building a hand-held water pump to be used to demonstrate how water can be pumped up from the ground. He then participated at the Mission Viejo 4th of July Street Fair in 2015. He organized four shifts for Scouts to educate the fair attendees about the water crisis in Uganda. Patrick states, “This was done by demonstrating the hand-held water pump, providing listeners with information, having displays of the clean water we drink and dirty water similar to what the Ugandans drink, and having a coloring table for the children to color pictures of water wells in Uganda.”

Even after receiving his Eagle award, Patrick still had a passion to help the Ugandans and the Wells of Life program. He decided to begin fundraising $6,000 which would build a well in a community. He started with asking family and friends for donations and continued with neighbors and companies. It took a little over a year to raise the $6,000 with his last contribution arriving December 2017. 

Congrats to Patrick on this outstanding Eagle project!

By Melissa Dundovich

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  1. Joyce Olesen
    Joyce Olesen ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thanks for sharing Patrick’s Eagle project. He must be an informed and compassionate young man.
    I think when he could finally raise money and build a well, he should have thought of setting up a
    group to continue fundraising to provide more wells….and then more wells.

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