When it comes to popcorn sales, online sales are nearly four times greater than door-to-door sales, making it the best way to sell to friends and family anywhere all year long. Just send emails to your customers asking them to purchase Trail’s End products online. To purchase, they click on the link in your email and begin shopping by credit card right away; Trail’s End ships their products directly to them. You don’t have to collect money. You don’t have to deliver products. You can sell whenever, wherever you want.

If you want to try this, you can sign up here: https://www.trails-end.com/benefits-of-selling-online

Popcorn is delicious, everybody knows this, but no one could have guessed how great of an impact it would have on Scouting. Thirty-five years after its initial inception in 1982, Scout popcorn has become BSA’s number one fundraiser, but it’s more than just a tasty snack. It helps Scouts accomplish four things:

1. Fund Their Scout Troops
2. Earn College Scholarships
3. Develop Meaningful Life Skills
4. Win Prizes

Fund Their Scout Troops

Scouting provides boys an opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities like building rockets and robots or going mountain biking or whitewater rafting. However, those activities aren’t free – someone has to pay for them. Enter Scout popcorn.

Just like girl scouts sell cookies to fundraise, Boy Scouts sell popcorn. Every year between the months of August and October Scouts sell popcorn to their communities whether that’s door to door, at a local business, or online.

A Scout mountain biking along a woodland trail.

73 percent of popcorn sales go directly towards local Scouting. Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors including Caramel Corn, Chocolatey Caramel Crunch, and Aged White Cheddar. Other products including pretzels, coffee, and chocolate pecan clusters can be purchased as well.

For a list of currently available products, see the following page.

Earn College Scholarships

A college student wearing his graduation cap.

Not only can popcorn fund a Scout’s local troop, but It can also help fund his college tuition! When a Scout sells $2,500 or more he instantly qualifies for the scholarship program. Six percent of all sales of $2,500 are transferred to the Scout’s scholarship program.

In addition, every year, the Top 5 Scouts in each region will receive an additional 6% of their Qualified Product Sales credited towards their scholarship, up to the $1,000 annual maximum.

Proceeds from the Trail’s End Scholarship are taxable. If a Scout earns more than $600, Trail’s End will send a 1099 to the Scout for the year in which the payout was made. Consult with your tax preparer to learn how this may affect you. Even with a tax liability, the net proceeds from the program provide a positive benefit to participating Scouts. 

Scouts can enroll for the scholarship program here. For all terms and conditions of the Trail’s End scholarship program click here.

Develop Meaningful Life Skills

Luke Fewx, the top popcorn salesman of 2016 & 2015, gives a training on how to sell.

Although selling popcorn is a great financial resource for Scout troops, it’s also a great way for young Scouts to develop meaningful life skills.

From the beginning, Cub and Boy Scouts will set goals for how much popcorn they want sell and set deadlines for when they want to accomplish their goals. Thus, helping them learn how to set and achieve goals.

They will develop communication and sales skills as they go door to door to sell products to their neighbors

They will learn organization skills as they organize “show and sells” at local businesses. This will require them to gather a group of Scouts together to plan their strategy to sell to customers at local businesses.

Scouts will also be able to use social media channels to sell products to customers. They will learn to build their own Facebook page or website to attract buyers. This will help them develop social media and possibly coding skills, which are highly sought after by employers these days.

Win Prizes

Screenshot of the 2017 prize list. Scouts can win prizes on this sheet if they sell enough popcorn.

Last but not least, Scouts can win some incredible prizes if they sell enough popcorn. Every troop and council is different so prizes will vary based on those two factors. Last year’s prizes ranged from a pocket knife to a trip to Disney World.

Prizes are handed out on a tier system. The more popcorn Scouts sell, the greater the prize value. Here are some examples that a few councils used for their prize system in 2016:

Michigan Crossroads

Crossroads of America

Circle Ten

Register Today

Whether it’s raising money, earning a scholarship, or winning prizes there’s always a reason for every Scout to sell popcorn.

Scouts can register to begin selling popcorn with this link.


  1. Avatar
    Frankie M. from Pack 1204 says:

    We sent my Scout fundraising webpage to friends, family, even posted on social media. We did this several times and the sales just rolled in. It was Frankie’s first real fundraising experience. Thank you Trail’s End for making it easy!

    1. Kimball Vaughn
      Kimball Vaughn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Frankie, I’m glad that you found a successful approach to your fundraising! Were there any specific social media channels that you found were more effective than others?

  2. Darryl Alder
    Darryl Alder says:

    This week we introduced Trails End Popcorn to our writing team. I think they all agree, it is amazing and it reminded me that it may not be too late for late Fall sales and in time delivery for business customers. All a Scout has to do is take an order form to their parent’s workplace. Their co-workers can write their order on the order form and the Scout’s mom and/or dad deliver product and collect the money a few weeks later. Contact your Council’s Popcorn Kernel to get details.

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