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blue-eagle-faviconYOUR Scouting stories, YOUR Scouting experiences, YOUR voice of Scouting.

In the past, we’ve allowed newspapers and magazines to be the source of Scouting’s story, resulting in much misrepresentation of the truth that is the life-changing adventure of Scouting.

Today you have the chance to tell the good news of Scouting for all the world to see. Whether you are a mom trying to help your son on the Trail to Eagle, a den or troop leader working on your next activity, or someone who has seen Scouting work in the lives of youth, we want to hear about it.

When you stop by the site, you’ll find great ideas for teams and crews in High Adventure, what’s new at camp and what to cook when your get there. On the Voice of Scouting you will see stories from every era, every program and every part of the country. Because a Scout’s first duty is to God and second is to country, you’ll find lots of stories about how Scouts perform those duties. Of course, we’ll also keep you up to date with all things Scouting, such as program updates, Scouting how-tos, and other helpful links to help you run and enjoy a successful Scouting program.

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    John Woughter says:

    Great idea – recommend adding a workaround to the popup signup method (I – and I assume many other people) have popups blocked, so that’ll hinder many from signing up.

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