peer-cardsPeer-to-Peer recruitment cards were created to help families promote Scouting to their friends. These invitation cards feature eye-catching resources created for recruitment campaigns, showing youth engaged in fun-filled activities. The cards provide easy-to-use templates that serve as a tool in overcoming the recruitment challenges caused by limited access to youth in schools.

The cards can be pre-printed (see instructions in video above) with contact information on the back. You might also leave the space blank, so Scouting families can use their home computers to fill it in and print as many as they need. The invitational information can also be written in by hand.

The cards are online and PDF versions are below. The Membership Recruitment Team at the national office can also assist in sending these cards to councils; councils may request them in small quantities, preprinted with council information, by emailing

To see how peer to peer was going in our council, I asked Derrick Larsen, a District Director in Utah National Parks Council, for his secret in reaching out to the entire community he serves, especially his market is more than half LDS. This is what he wrote: 

Here are a few attachments and below is what I have been doing to help increase membership in my district.       

      Venturing_peercards                 Boy Scout peercards              Cubscout_peercards

…I was looking for a different approach on how we could increase membership besides just chasing youth applications and doing boy talks which would be ineffective.

As I was looking into the BSA membership archives I found the Peer Cards (above). …I thought this could be a potential idea …so I took the liberty of going to and custom ordered these cards, as business cards, and presented each stake President enough cards for each Scout in his stake.

I have been telling them that these cards could be used to …invite their … friends to come to a Scouting function. All Stake Presidents have graciously accepted the cards and the challenge to have each young man invite a friend to Scouting.

Hence, Peer to Peer campaign underway in our District!

For more ideas, listen to this podcast.

Darryl Alder
Darryl is a retired career Scouter with more than 30 years of service. These days he is a Scouting Ambassador and serves on the Council Membership and Marketing Committee. However, his pride in Scouting is his volunteer service as an Associate Advisor, Varsity Scout Coach, Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Chartered Organization Representative, and Commissioner.


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