Have you heard about the new Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure? The Boy Scouts of America partnered with Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation and created the “Protect Yourself Rules.” The goal is to help children recognize, respond to, and report abuse.

The BSA places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for youth members. This includes training adult volunteers and teaching youth about youth protection awareness. Child abuse is an uncomfortable topic but extremely important for everyone, even children, to understand to ensure the safety of Scouts.

The Protect Yourself Rules is an elective adventure that is intended to complement other existing youth protection procedures. Scouts can complete this adventure in place of the Cyber Chip requirement.

The requirements differ depending on the age of the Cub Scout. Per each Scouting Program the requirements reviews and covers appropriate youth protection topics. Check it out below:

The Boy Scouts of America develops numerous youth protection procedures to maintain a safe environment for its Scouts and leaders. The Protect Yourself Rules Adventure is an additional resource directed to youth for youth.

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