If you can’t just tell from the video, this is a delicious and easy pizza recipe! Most campers are on the lookout for something this simple to take out camping with them…
so for π (pi) day we pulled this together with ideas from Rhodes Bread but well adapted for a Barebones Dutch-oven

If you have access to a Dutch-oven, make sure you include this in your recipe book. This little taste of Italy will impress the kids and other adults alike.You might even enjoy making it on the lid we did last year, but with the pot as the on the top. This method give very good top-down heat.

Pull-Apart Dutch Oven Pizza
Serves 4
  1. Frozen Yeast Dinner Rolls 9-12
  2. Pepperoni 1 bag
  3. Tomato Sauce 1 can
  4. Cheese 1 bag
  5. (other toppings optional)
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  1. 1. Place rolls into lightly oiled dutch oven.
  2. 2. Let thaw and rise until oven base is filled.
  3. 3. Cover with tomato sauce.
  4. 4. Cover with pepperoni (and other toppings), and use knife to push in between rolls.
  5. 5. Cover with cheese.
  6. 6. Bake in dutch oven on briquettes or over fire. Get temperature between 375-425; bake for 15-18 minutes.
  7. 7. Serve and enjoy!
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Colin Wylie
Colin Wylie is a Marketing Associate with the Utah National Parks Council. He attends Brigham Young University as a Public Relations student, minoring in Nonprofit Management.

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