Looking for ways to make your Eagle Scouts graduation ceremony even more special? High school and college grads can purchase an Eagle Scout graduation honor cord this year and show off their accomplishments with pride. Graduation cords are a time-honored tradition that every graduate looks forward to wearing. The Eagle Scout graduation cord showcases your Scouts exemplary achievements. Every Eagle Scout works hard to achieve their rank, and the Eagle Scout Graduation Honor cord distinguishes their dedication. The honor cord can be worn to their graduation ceremony and any commemorative events for seniors.

Cord Colors Differ by School

Eagle Scout Graduation cords can be of any color, depending on the school. It’s important to check with your school to be sure what color cord to wear before purchasing one. Some schools and districts even have an Eagle Scout wear their school’s service honor cord.

If your school doesn’t have a designated color for Eagle Scouts, the traditional BSA cord is red, white and royal blue. These colors are chosen based off of their significance in the United States of America and the BSA. Many of our medals and badges bare these colors.

You can purchase your red, white, and blue Eagle graduation cords at your local Scout shop or online HERE.

Eagle Scout Requirements

To wear the Eagle Scout graduation cord a Scout must first achieve the rank of Eagle. To do so, a Scout must earn 21 merit badges, 12 of which are required for the Eagle ranking. Then a Scout needs to complete a service project, known as the Eagle Project. After a Scout has done all this, he can achieve the rank of Eagle. He can even go a step further and earn Eagle Palms. Eagle Palms are earned when an Eagle Scout continues to complete merit badges and or take on Scouting leadership roles.

Why Eagles Wear the Cord

Earning your Eagle Scout ranking takes a lot of effort. There are countless hours spent working on tasks that require problem-solving and proficiency. An Eagle Scout must also provide service to their community. That’s why Eagle Scouts choose to wear the cord during their graduation ceremony. It not only honors their Scouting ability but also their intellectual one. As Scouting Magazine noted in 2014, only 6.01 percent of eligible Scouts earned the Eagle Scout award.

Purchase your Eagle Scout cord here.

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