Every year, the Boy Scouts of America reflects on the best and the brightest. This comes in the form of a report from 12 exceptional young Scouting individuals. These young men and women discuss the organization and all of the accomplishments and contributions they’ve made through Scouting. 

Report to the Nation

The report is required because of our congressional charter. In Section 8 of the BSA’s 1916 congressional charter, the BSA must present an annual report to Congress. The report is presented by hand-selected youth delegates from across the country to the legislative and judicial branches. Between seven and nine Scouts are selected from different Scouting regions, this year nine were chosen. Three are automatically selected from the National Sea Scout Boatswain, the National Order of the Arrow Chief, and the National Venturing Officers’ Association President. The Report to the Nation will be delivered by the 12 youth March 9 to 14.

The Content of the Report

The National Report is a two page report that is segmented into sections. There are three main sections to the report, each of which is summarized below. 

Who we are: We are a youth program that encourages character development, involvement in outdoor adventure, and learning to be a leader.

Who we serve: We serve over 2.2 million youth in our Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Sea Scouting, and Exploring programs.

What we do: We build strong, independent leaders that are committed to strengthening communities through skills taught in our merit badge courses and leadership training.

Click here to see the full report. 

The 12 Scouts Delivering the Report

Twelve exceedingly bright and gifted Scouts are delivering the report this year. These Scouts will come from across the U.S. to represent the Boy Scouts of America in Washington D.C. Let’s get to know some of these Scouts!

Thomas Giese

Giese is from Long Beach, California where he’s a Scout in Crew 181. Currently, Giese is a junior in High Scool, and he wrestles on his school’s varsity team. Giese plans on graduating high school and enrolling in college and then possibly joining the military. 


  • Eagle Scout with four palms
  • Recipient of the Summit Award, Venturing’s highest honor
  • Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s honor society

Natalie MacEwan

Natalie is a Venturer from Woodland Hills, California. Currently, she attends college at the University of Southern California where she is double majoring in international business relations and Spanish. She too plans to join the military after she graduates from college.


  • Created Venturing Crew 22
  • Venturing president at the council and area levels
  • Recipient of council and area Venturing Leadership Award

Vion Welcome

Vion Welcome is an Eagle Scout in Troop 642 in Orlando, Florida. He excels in academia, and he has received several scholarships from his hard work.


  • Member of the Order of the Arrow
  • Speaker at BSA functions and other noteworthy events

Michalea Oakes

Michalea is Sea Scout from Texas. She is currently in high school, but she has plans to pursue a degree in her future. Michalea has participated in several pageants and while doing so she advocates against bullying others. 


The Report to the Nation remains an important event every year, as it allows the BSA to take notice of all the that we do and support. A big part of that is recognizing stellar Scouts and their commitment to the programs we all know and love. These Scouts exemplify how the BSA’s programs build strong, accomplished individuals.  

“Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best.”



is a Westminster College graduate who majored in communication and minored in environmental studies. She is currently a Marketing Associate at the Utah National Parks Council. She loves to travel and get outside as often as she can. Growing up overseas on military bases she fulfilled her desires to travel to many different countries. After high school, she returned stateside to pursue her passion for the environment and acquire her Bachelor's degree.

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