The BSA has provided a tried and true format for successful Scout meetings. It’s an excellent point of reference, and the unit’s planning team can adapt it in accordance with their needs. All segments of this meeting plan can be presented in ways that add to the unique fun a Scout meeting can provide, but the one section that invariably contributes to making the overall meeting fun is the “Games” section. Click here for further information and access to an extensive library of categorized Scout Meeting Activities.


DemonstrationEveryone on the Tripod is an exciting Scout skill challenge in which Scouts put a tripod lashing and square lashings into action in a fun way.  —View Video— The activity incorporates the following Scout skills:
Tripod Lashing
Square Lashing

When presented as a race between patrols, Everyone on the Tripod provides an excellent opportunity for Scouts to demonstrate their ability to work together as a team. This Video-taped Demonstration is a superb illustration of Scouts using their acquired skills and cooperating with one another!

GOOD RETENTION is one of the Boy Scouts of America’s most important keys to healthy membership. As important as it is to utilize the BSA’s eight methods to achieve its aims and carry out its mission, and, as impactful as it is to have great monthly outings and provide rewarding long-term adventures, doing so in and of itself does not necessarily translate into good retention.

It has often been said, the weekly meeting is the glue that holds a unit together. When Scouts leave a meeting feeling elated and enthusiastic—happy about Scouting, and happy about themselves, they’re going to keep coming back and stay in Scouting. In other words, in order for a unit to be the most successful, Scout leaders need to have fun meetings with positive outcomes.

Larry Green
He is happily retired and spends his time volunteering for the BSA (and performing "honey-dos"). When he is not building pioneering projects, he is building videos for the BSA illustrating Scouting activities that are uniquely fun with positive outcomes.

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