Every year, Scouts sell popcorn to individuals to help pay for their Scouting adventures. Troop leaders can share their excitement about the upcoming popcorn season with a little bit of crafting. Popcorn is not only delicious but can be incredibly fun. Get your youth excited about popcorn season by trying some of these Scouty popcorn crafts this summer and fall!

Popcorn Scouting Sash

Swap out your merit badge sash for a popcorn sash while selling popcorn this season! The added popcorn pizzazz is fun for everyone. Similar to making a popcorn garland, a popcorn sash is pretty simple for Scouts to assemble.

First, you’ll need stale, plain popcorn.

Next, you’ll measure a piece of thread that wraps about the body loosely like that of a sash, then cut. Your Scout will need to tie a double knot at the end of the thread after putting the thread through the needle.

After tying the knot, your Scout will thread the needle, preferably a blunt plastic darning needle, through the popcorn with the thread attached. From there, you will continue to add popcorn until the thread is full. The finished thread should look similar to the picture below.

Your scout with make four of the garlands of popcorn before they tie them together to give the appearance of a sash.

For additional fun, your Scouts can paint the sash after it’s complete with Scouting colors!

Popcorn Centerpiece for Selling Popcorn Storeside

A fun addition and some decor for your popcorn table is a popcorn centerpiece. There are several different crafts your Scouts can create for this.

Scouting Popcorn Vase

A very simple craft that is easy to create is the Scout popcorn vase. All you need is a vase, popcorn, card stock, scissors and glue.

To print out the logos for the Boy Scouts of America’s programs go to the BSA’s Brand Center.

Popcorn Ball

Popcorn ball centerpieces are cute decorations for your Scout’s popcorn booth. Or, you can even let Scouts take these home. These do involve a little bit of cooking, so you’ll have to have a stovetop, saucepan, bowl, spatula, and wax paper. Prepare accordingly.

To make the popcorn balls, coat a large bowl with butter, cooking spray, and vegetable oil. Add the popcorn to the bowl.

Start prepping the mixture on the stovetop. In a medium-sized saucepan, combine sugar, corn syrup, water, vinegar, and salt. Click here for measurements.

Cook this over high heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved, about 2 minutes. You’ll want to bring the mixture to a boil, about 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the butter and the vanilla.

Immediately after, drizzle the sugar mixture over the popcorn and stir continuously with a spatula, about 3 minutes. The popcorn should be completely coated and cool enough to handle.

Using buttered hands, tightly press mixture into 3-inch balls around a wooden stick. Place on waxed or parchment paper to cool completely, about 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the balls have hardened, place them inside a small colored tin and add paper stuffing to keep the popcorn balls centered and in place.

Popcorn Races

This game from Cub Scout Ideas is a great outdoor activity you and your Scouts can do this summer.

You’ll need:

  • paper cup for each Scout plus 1 extra for each team
  • 1 rubber band for each Scout
  • 1 paper clip for each Scout
  • Pencils or pens to poke holes in cups
  • 1 large bowl or tub for each team
  • Lots of popped popcorn

First, prepare your popcorn vessels by poking holes into the bottom of each paper cup with a pencil or pen. Each Scout should have their own cup. Then, have each child attach the rubber band to the paper clip and thread it through the hole of the cup.

Next, divide your Scouts into two even teams, or more if you have a lot of Scouts, and have each team line up behind a starting line. Place a container filled with popcorn at the start and an empty containers at the finish line, one of each for both teams.

Once everyone is lined up in two (or more) lines behind the start, have your Scouts attach the paper cup to the top of their foot by placing the rubber band around their shoe. The cup should be on top of their shoe, with the open mount facing straight up.

Now, its time to race! Once the first player in each team fills up their cup with popcorn, the leader can start the race on “GO!”

The Scouts then race to the empty container at the finish line and empty the popcorn from the cup on their shoe into the container. While the player at the front of the line is going, the next person in line fills up their cup with popcorn.

The player with the most popcorn in their container at the end wins!

Does your pack or troop do any popcorn activities to get ready for their fundraiser? Share with us in the comments below!

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