Scout mom Lydialice (see above) didn’t just sign her son up for a Cub Scout Pack – she started one. In the video she explained what inspired her and how it’s bettered her family. She also explained how Scouting is more fun with friends. So what about your pack?

Don’t you think this is the perfect time to ask your friends to join, because no family should miss out on the excitement of a pinewood derby race, the exhilaration of putting up their first tent, or the pride of seeing their son earn his first belt loop. You know—you’ve been there!

cub-scout-rockets-2You’ve seen the positive impact of Scouting. You’ve helped your Cub Scout learn, grow, and experience the world around him … and now it’s time to share that with others.

Use these links to reach out to your network of friends and family. Spread the word that now is a great time to become a Cub Scout!

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Looking for video clips to share like the one above, check out “Families Like Mine.” These powerful testimonials from parents convey how Scouting has made a positive impact on their family.

Thank you for spreading the word! Help ensure no family misses out!

Sample eMail from the link above to send to friends

Most new Scouts join in the, but right now is the perfect time to get started so you won’t miss out on the rocket derby in February!  But there is so much more fun in this great program. It’s pinewood derby cars and camping. Scouts build things and go places. They make friends and work together. They explore and so much more. Along the way they learn to set goals and achieve them. It’s fun activities, with a real focus on:

•       Building self-confidence
•       Developing academic skills
•       Building leadership skills
•       Providing service to others
•       Learning good decision making

It’s been a great adventure for us. We’d love to have you join us. If you’re interested, message me back. I’d love to share our experience with you!

Or you can find a Scout unit near you by going to

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