Scouts Everywhere #LightTheWorld as Messengers of Peace


The LDS Church’s#LightTheWorld event fits nicely into the World Scout Movement’s Messengers of Peace. Each day for the next 25 days Scouts can get ideas from this site to plan their Daily Good Turn or holiday Duty to God service projects and earn their Messengers of Peace Patch

The LDS Church introduced the 25-day event at with the video above and these words:

Once again, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by serving others this Christmas season. As we follow His example, we can help #LightTheWorld.

Also, The Boy Scout will make a daily post with ideas for LDS Packs or quorums that aligns with “25 Days, 25 Ways” part of the Church’s initiative. 

If you and your Scouts are looking for ways to really make a difference this holiday season, take some time to look at these resources:

How will you and your Scouts  #LightTheWorld this year? (tell us in the comment section below)

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