On May 14th we celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States. Mothers have a very supportive role in Scouting, and we celebrate each and every one of the wonderful moms who have stood beside the boys in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Our Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts love their moms, and they should. Their mothers, when able, have been involved in every Cub activity. By the time they are Boy Scouts, the mother’s role changes to that of a prime advocate for moving her Scout onward and upward.

Scouts usually do something nice for their moms on their special day. This doesn’t have to involve something expensive, but it should show how much they care. My favorite Mother’s Day card was handmade and said, “Mothers are for loving and making purple birthday cakes.” I still have that framed. It is the thought that counts. But let’s not forget to do something. Be prepared. Check out these 5 Crafty Cub Gift Ideas

Now, a touch of reality. I was a single mom. I worked full time and commuted an hour each way. That didn’t leave me much time for Scouting activities. So let’s think about a short note of thanks to surrogate mothers who gave you rides, remembered your snacks, and cheered you on when your own mother couldn’t be there. It sure could brighten someone’s day. 

We also shouldn’t forget the many women who volunteer for BSA, as well as those in paid positions who somehow touched your lives. A simple thank you should suffice as a reminder that you remember them and the part they played in your Scouting life.

So, happy Mother’s Day to all of you. BSA loves you! 

Joyce Olesen
is a grandmother, mother, and daughter of Scouters. She love kids, camping, country music and sport cars. Her Dad was a Scout leader in Chicago in the early 1920’s and having only daughters did not bolster his Scouting hopes. As his "Scout" she was tying regulation knots by the time she was 7.

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