The last thing you’d expect to see after lumbering out of your tent at Scout camp is your favorite celebrity standing with a film crew.

And, while that may not be too likely, movie and television stars have shown up at camps before.

From weird to crazy to delightfully Scout-relevant, here are some movies and TV shows filmed at Scout camps:

1- The Bourne Legacy

Action, soldiers, and Boy Scouts? Not quite. But, did you catch a glimpse of Dr. Marta Shearing’s house from the outside while watching the Blockbuster hit? The shots were taken at Pouch Camp on Staten Island.

2- Jeopardy!

If someone was asked in a round of Jeopardy what shows were filmed at Scout camps, Jeopardy wouldn’t be on their list. But, they’d be wrong!  In one episode of Jeopardy, scenes at Camp Winton in Pioneer, CA were used as contestants answered questions in a Scouting category. We think we’d ace that category!

3-Friday the 13th 

This show is too scary too discuss for long. But, yes, it was filmed at a Scout camp.

4-Scout Camp

Suprise! The wholesome comedy about Scouting was filmed at…a Scout camp. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Starring Kirby Heybourne, from Saints and Soldiers, the movie explores what it means to have Scout spirit. It was filmed at Maple Dell Scout Camp in Utah.

5-Moonrise Kingdom

Camp Yawgoog‘s motto is, “A Scout Adventureland Forever.” Actors and Film Crew took the theme to heart when shooting a wide variety scenes at the Rhode Island Scout Camp. Moonrise Kingdom is an adventurous movie about two twelve-year olds who run away.

6-National Geographic’s- Are you Tougher than a Boy Scout?

The National Geographic television series was filmed at Camp Whitsett in California. The show asked epic adult men to compete against teenage Scouts in skill and strength.  The Scouts, of course, were amazing through all six episodes!

From creepy to nostalgic to completely unexpected, Scout camps are useful for movie magic. So, next time you run into Jeremy Renner at Scout Camp, don’t be too surprised!

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  1. Darryl Alder
    Darryl Alder ( User Karma: 9 ) says:

    I was interested to learn about Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (or “No-Be” for short), which is where, 35 years ago, Friday the 13th, Part 1” was filmed. The camp is a real Boy Scout Camp tucked away in the hills of northwestern New Jersey. It opened in 1927, making it the oldest continuously operating Scout camp in New Jersey. Since then, countless Scouts have made the trip to No-Be and forged memories to last a lifetime.
    As horror films don’t really fit well with the program of a Boy Scout camp, the Council there has not allowed movie fans to visit the birthplace of the most popular horror film franchise ever created during camp, with three exceptions: on Friday, May 13th, 2011 (the first-ever camp tour) a small group of horror fans purchased a ticket and traveled to camp (from as far away as 3000 miles away!) not knowing what to expect when they got there. The tour was a huge success! 100% of the surveyed attendees said they had a fantastic unforgettable time and most of them said they would return for a future tour.
    In 2013 they allow another tour on Friday, September 13th, 2013, selling out in 8 minutes with 5 times the number of attendees. The third and largest tour took place on Friday, November 13th, 2015.
    If you are interested in the creepy tour get on the mailing list at

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