Why do team building games matter?

When Scoutteam building gamess engage in an activity that requires them to work together in order to satisfy an objective, team building comes into play.

Team building games provide an awesome, fun experience for all involved. The participants must work as a team. 



The game must accomplish one of the eight objectives below :

  • Put an acquired skill or skills into action
  • Experience a sense of belonging
  • Nurture their self-esteem
  • Exercise their resourcefulness
  • Exemplify teamwork
  • Share responsibility
  • Feel successful
  • Learn a life lesson

EDGE Method

Teaching a new game is most effective when employing the EDGE Method.





The AAA Game Plan

Age Group: Make sure the game is appropriate for the group you are working with. Some games might be hard for Cubs to understand while others would seem boring to older youth. team building games

Ability Level: Get to know the Scouts. Before too long you will be able to choose games or tweak rules to fit the abilities of the Scouts. 

Area: Some games are not going to work in some seasons and spaces. 

As with many activities, especially those planned outdoors, have a “plan B”. Sometimes, things don’t quite work as expected, even with the best plans. 


All Aboard

This game only requires a small space and can be done both inside and out. 

Materials: 12-inch square board for each group of 4-8

Method: The goal of the game is to get each person on the board at the same time. They must have both feet off the ground and try to remain on the board for at least ten seconds. You can make it easier by reducing the number of people in each group. You can make this game harder by adding more people or time. Also, try different variations like only using one foot or no talking. 

Blind Square

The space for this game needs to be fairly large and can be done both inside and out.

Materials: 50-foot rope and blindfolds for each Scout

Method: All participants are blindfolded and a 50-foot rope is thrown on the ground next to them. They are then instructed to make a square, using the full length of the rope lying on the ground next to them. No other instructions are given.

team building games

Helium Stick 

This game only requires a small space and can be done both inside and out.

Materials:  a 6-foot long, thin, light rod (lightweight plastic tube or lightweight bamboo pole, referred to here as a “helium stick”) for each group

Method Groups line up in two rows facing each other. The “helium stick” is introduced, and Scouts are asked to point their index fingers and hold their arms out. The Helium Stick is laid down on their fingers. The group needs to adjust their finger heights until the Helium Stick is horizontal and everyone’s index fingers are touching the stick. The challenge is to lower the Helium Stick to the ground. The catch is, each person’s fingers must be in contact with the Helium Stick at all times. Pinching or grabbing the pole is not allowed. It must rest on top of fingers.  (The tendency is to exert an upward force to keep the tube from falling, and hence the operation of lowering it to the ground is more challenging than it appears.)


This game only requires a small space and can be done both inside and out.

Method:  Groups stand in line with participants shoulder to shoulder. They are to arrange themselves in whatever order they’re instructed, by:
• height
• age
• amount of merit badges
• number of pets
• number of siblings
• in alphabetical order by last name
When they have completed the task, they should give the Scout sign and shout their patrol yell.

Moon Ball 

This game only requires a fairly large space and can be done both inside and out.

Materials: a few inflated beach balls for the whole group or one beach ball for each small group

Method: As a team building activity, the object is for a group to keep the beach ball aloft as long as possible. Scouts are not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row. This activity becomes exciting as the Scouts count out loud the number of hits and attempt to surpass their personal best.

Zulu Toss

This game only requires a small space and can be done both inside and out.

Materials:  lightweight balls enough for each group to have one for each Scout, a presenter for each group who has access to the ball supply

Method:  Team members form a circle. One Scout tosses one ball across to another Scout of their choosing who in turn tosses it to a different Scout and so on until everyone has touched the ball one time. The last Scout tosses it back to the first, thereby completing the circuit. The team tosses one ball around the circuit a few more times until everyone knows the order of who they are “receiving from” and “sending to.” The first Scout starts the 1st ball on its journey again and when it is midway through, their Presenter hands them a 2nd ball which they send along. There are now 2 balls being sent around the circuit. The Presenter slowly hands the first Scout more balls until a maximum number of balls are in play.

Find videos and even more team building games here

Have any other really awesome team building games? Let me know in the comments below!

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