The 12 Days of a Scout Christmas has become one of our favorite traditions on the Voice of Scouting, and we hope you will visit every day, beginning Friday, Dec 14, to find inspiring Christmas messages based on doing a good turn daily. On the first day of Christmas, we would like to share with you ways you can do a good turn by giving aid to refugees near you and around the world. 

The First Day of Christmas

Often times it is difficult to know and understand the needs of families and/or individuals who are affected with disabilities. However, there are many ways we can help. In honor of the giving season, we challenge you to do a good turn daily and serve youth with special needs.

Be a Friend

If you have the privilege of knowing someone with special needs, be a friend to them. Go above and beyond just saying hi. Have meaningful conversations that allows them to engage with what they are thinking and what you are saying. Take them out for ice cream (if appropriate) or socialize with them in a public setting. Just spend time with them and value them and who they are.


There are plenty of organizations that help those with special needs and are looking for volunteers. Volunteer World lists a few of the top volunteer opportunities for those with disabilities. You can view the whole list here. These projects are local and all around the world and give volunteers the ability to assist people with special needs.

Interested in more volunteering organizations? Click here.

Serve the Parents

Sometimes we often overlook the hard work of the parent. Raising someone with disabilities takes more time, patience, and love. If you know anyone who has a child with special needs, here are ways that you can serve the parents:

  • Babysit – This way you can be a friend to their kid and give the parents a much needed break.
  • Cook a meal – Take away the stress of cooking and cook the meal yourself.
  • Do yard work – Parents already have enough to worry about, so do some yard work and help make their home look fresh again.

God has blessed us with those with special needs. Serve them for they are angels upon the earth. Do a good turn and include them, be their friend, help them, and be with them. What an amazing Christmas gift it is to see the smile of someone with special needs who feels loved.

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