Jordan-VC14-Julie Parkes - image (1)Most of us within Scouting know that at 14, girls can join Venturing crews along with the boys. However, I’ve run into a lot of people since taking my role here at the Cascade Pacific Council that don’t seem to know there is anything for girls. Venturing is a great option for young women that have had their fill of Girl Scout activities like selling cookies, knitting, and child care, or who don’t have Girl Scout programs available. One such youth is Jordan P. Her mom, Julie, sent me a note describing her experience in Venturing over the last year.

Jordan had a strong love of adventure and when her younger brother bridged up to Boy Scouts, the family decided to look for a Venture Crew. They found an awesome one! The day Jordan turned 14, she joined Venture Crew 14 out of Vancouver, Washington. The three-year-old crew was initially just four members, but in the last year grew quickly to 14.

Jordan has gone on many weekend camp outs with the crew. She has earned the Discovery Award and is working toward Pathfinder. She has been part of the nine-day horse trek, worked at summer camp as a counselor in training, been elected crew treasurer, and made many friends through the crew and all these activities. At a recent parent teacher conference, the teachers all said they wish more kids were like Jordan. She is known to be responsible, hard working, and a trusted leader in the classroom.

Jordan-VC14-Julie Parkes - image (11)Julie added that Jordan has shown much more confidence since joining the crew, which in itself is unusual for a teen girl. She attributes all of this to her involvement in Scouting. Jordan has had so many more experiences in this crew in one year than she could have ever gotten outside of Scouting.

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