Learning how to use Scoutbook is easy and will save Scout leaders and parents time while involving the Scouts in their own advancement process. Keeping track of Scout advancement is now more simple. All you need to know is within the Scoutbook site. 

It gets even easier than that, however. The BSA has announced Scoutbook Lite, to replace internet advancement. It will be optimized for whatever device you use: desktop, tablet or smartphone. Another important update allows all units with active Scoutbook subscriptions to sync youth advancement with ScoutNet. 

What is Scoutbook?

ScoutbookScoutbook mobile

Scoutbook is an online resource for Scouts leaders, parents. It is NOT an app (as of now), it is a website with an excellent mobile platform, accessed via your smart phone’s internet browser. A new app will be available for parents and Scouts soon.

An article in Scouting Magazine, “BSA acquires Scoutbook, the awesome web app” talks about the features in the web app, emphasizing that Scouts themselves can use it. Scouts and parents can indicate an advancement is completed, then the leader can approve those advancements and awards.

and upload photos and videos (as troop historian). Meanwhile, leaders can do the same and also check their leadership training completion and more. We’ll talk more about this later in this article.

Why use it?

The BSA made a great video to introduce Scoutbook to all Scouters. In this video, the creator of Scoutbook talks about the usefulness of the resource, and a family gives their testimonial of how Scoutbook has made things simpler for them.

This blog post called “Why I Love Scoutbook” testifies to the intuitive user experience aspect of the site. It also outlines some of the author’s favorite functions on the site, which takes us to the next section of this article:

Scoutbook’s Functions

With Scoutbook you can: Track advancements; track leadership training; upload photos and videos; send messages to leaders, Scouts and parents; plan events and activities; adjust positions within charter org; assign an Eagle coach; and create reports for the unit.


Scoutbook solves the major pain point of keeping track of Scout advancements, but it has many other functions that benefit leaders, parents and Scouts. Below are steps explaining how each position can get started (the hyperlinks each lead to how-to videos for that topic).


  1. Create an account
  2. Set up unit
  3. Import roster
  4. Sync advancements to the BSA database
  5. Use functions to plan events and activities, keep track of Scout advancements, check on leadership training status for your leaders, access the directory, access the Scout blog for how-to’s and stories, and upload your photos and videos.


  1. Create an account
  2. View and download photos of your Scout on adventures (uploaded by the Scout and their leaders).
  3. Keeping track of your Scout’s advancements.


  1. Create an account
  2. Use functions to contact leaders, plan events and activities, upload photos, and record your own advancements.
How To Use Scoutbook
How to use Scoutbook – Scout using Scoutbook

Get your troop signed up for Scoutbook today!

Comment below any questions you have and we will answer!



    1. Skyler Hunter
      Skyler Hunter ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Scoutbook lite will release at the end of the second quarter, (around June), which will involve a new advancement sync. Right now, with the purchased Scoutbook you can sync your advancements straight from internet advancement.

      Here is a video on how to sync:

      It is kind of long so here’s a summary:
      1. activate your unit for the advancement sync (by purchasing Scoutbook for the unit)
      2. open the Scoutbook > My Dashboard > Troop/unit _ _ > scroll down to “Edit Troop/Unit”
      3. complete the 4 checkboxes
      4. check the icons next to each scout and leader to ensure they are verified and the sync worked.
      5. complete! every advancement you approve for the scout will automatically sync with National

  1. Avatar
    Melece Hall says:

    Hi, my question is simiar to one above. The Boy scouts of our ward have been using Scoutbook. Now, our Cub scouts are going to need to make the transition with Internet Advancement going away. Do we, the cubs have to pay for a separate subscription, or can we be added to the one the Boy Scouts are using? Thanks

  2. Avatar
    Debbie Lund says:

    Is Scoutbook going to let the calendar sync with the achievements? Right now you can enter activities in the calendar, you can mark attendance, but you still have to go to advancement and mark off what was accomplished. This would take out an additional step for leaders.

  3. Darryl Alder
    Darryl Alder says:

    Thanks, Skyler I needed a little shove to start using this. Our LDS Stake purchased it for every ward, but our troop has been using 3-Trail to Eagle for a long time so this is a pretty scary transition.

    1. Skyler Hunter
      Skyler Hunter ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      The transition is easy and worth it! We are glad you’re doing it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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